This paper presents a numerical study of combustion and multi mode heat transfer in inert porous media. In this case a sintered fiber mat is used. From this work it is understood that the premixed flame is stabilized on the downstream surface of the fiber mat burner. The influence of the flame location, the radiative properties of the porous material, the solid thermal conductivity, and stoichiometry on the flame speed and flame stability are determined using a one-dimensional conduction, convection, radiation, and combustion model. The fiber mat is allowed to emit, absorb, and scatter radiant energy. Non-local thermal equilibrium between the solid and gas was taken into account. Here, separate energy equations for the two phases are introduced, i.e. gas energy equation for the entire system and solid energy equation for the fiber mat. The results indicate that stable combustion can be maintained near the downstream surface of the fiber mat which is mostly controlled by solid-phase radiation.

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