The forced convective heat transfer with condensing was experimentally investigated when wet flue gas was flowing in the fin-tube heat exchangers with three anticorrosion films respectively, including the nickel-phosphorus amorphous composite eletroless and organic compound (NPACE&OC) surface, the nickel-phosphorus amorphous composite eletroless (NPACE) surface, and the organic compound (OC) surface. The experimental results indicate the convection heat transfer characteristics as following: Among the three heat exchangers, the convection heat transfer for the heat exchanger with NPACE&OC surface is the best, the convection heat transfer coefficient is about 18%∼25% higher than that of the other two heat exchangers. It could be caused by the lower surface energy of the NPACE&OC surface that forms the drop condensate. The experimental results of heat transfer coefficient relative to Reynolds Number and Jakob Number were also presented in this paper. Based on the experimental results and the analysis, the correlation of the measurements was achieved.

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