This paper presents a novel design for a test platform to determine the State of Health (SOH) of lithium-ion batteries. The SOH is a key parameter of a battery energy storage system and its estimation remains a challenging issue. The batteries that have been tested are 18650 li-ion cells as they are the most commonly used batteries on the market. The test platform design is detailed from the building of the charging and discharging circuitry to the software. Data acquired from the testing circuitry is stored and displayed in LabView to obtain charging and discharging curves. The resulting graphs are compared to the outcome predicted by the battery datasheets, to verify the platform delivers coherent values. The SOH of the battery is then calculated using a Coulomb Counting method in LabView. The batteries will be discharged through various types of resistive circuits, and the differences in the resulting curves will be discussed. A single battery cell will also be tested over 30 cycles and the decrease in the SOH will be clearly pointed out.

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