With the intensification of international competition and diversification of customer tastes, the concept design and architectural design contributing to the function and products of the appearance shape has become an important issue in product development. Therefore, in addition to the manufacturing technology supported by high quality and high performance, the establishment of delight value-added manufacturing technology is required. In recent years, delight design has been attracting attention to create a design that enhances customer satisfaction. Delight design means a design with attractive quality, in addition to the conventional performance quality and must-be quality. However, attractive quality depends on the quality of the designer. Moreover, it is difficult to define such a concept because it is considered to exist in a state similar to an idea, which means that it is vague and difficult to express.

Therefore, in this study, we propose a method of constructing a neural network customer value model that creates a product design from KANSEI using customer KANSEI data. Additionally, we propose a method of constructing a neural network customer evaluation model as the inverse model. The customer evaluation model analyzes the KANSEI of individual customers and creates a delight design, which is more appealing to an individual customer. In this study, this proposed method was applied to the side shape of a car’s body and the shape of a beer cup.

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