The aim of this paper is to investigate the influence of structure parameters on the vibration characteristics and improve the dynamic performance of marine gearbox. A finite element model was established to solve the dynamic response by using modal superposition method. Based on the theory of multi-objective optimization design, the structure sensitivity analysis model of marine gearbox was established, which takes the structure parameters of the housing as design variables. The modal and response sensitivity was obtained by using the optimal gradient method. According to the results of sensitivity analysis, a modal and response optimization model of marine gearbox was established. The objective was to avoid natural frequencies from the excitation frequencies and minimize the root mean square of vibration acceleration of the evaluating points on the surface of housing. Then the modal optimization and response optimization of gearbox were carried out by using zero-order and first-order optimization method. The results indicate that the dynamic optimization of the gearbox can be achieved. After optimization, the amplitude of vibration acceleration of the evaluating points on the housing surface has been reduced and the resonance of marine gearbox can be avoided.

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