This paper presents a methodology and tools to synthesize and assess different System-Level Designs. It utilizes the descriptive modeling language Object Process Methodology (OPM) to hierarchically describe the functionality of the System of Interest which is mapped by way of various intermediary models to an architecture in the Modelica numerical modeling language. The resulting Modelica architecture model is subsequently used as a framework for the rapid creation of alternative System of Interest designs by the variation of components.

To enable consistent assessment of the alternatives, Assessment Scenarios are created based on the functionality identified by OPM decomposition. By defining a hierarchy of Modelica models with the Assessment Scenarios at the top, all the System of Interest alternative models can be composed into the Assessment Scenarios and the resulting models simulated. With a combined score for each alternative across all the Assessment Scenarios being computed by way of Multi Objective Decision Analysis (MODA).

This paper demonstrates the approach with an actual student solar powered autonomous boat development project.

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