A new design of rapid inspection machine for automotive gears based on Gear Integrated Error (GIE) technology is introduced in this paper. The novel equipment can be used in production workshops to get analytical results such as profile deviations and pitch deviations of spur and helical cylindrical gears.

The distinguishing features of GIE are summarized by analyzing the principle of GIE method, the specific measuring master, and the curves of GIE measuring results. Then the design approach, system structure, procedure of inspection, key parameters, and specifications of the newly designed rapid inspection machine are introduced.

It is difficult and critical in the GIE technology to distinguish the involute meshing phase and to determine the exact coordinates of the starting and end points in a GIE curve. An innovative algorithm is also proposed to solve this problem.

The performance of the rapid inspection machine has been verified by experiments in two aspects, the accuracy and the efficiency. It can be seen that the accuracy of the rapid inspection machine for automotive gears is good enough to meet the design requirements and the efficiency is much higher than Gear Measuring Centers (GMCs).

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