Fluidic Flexible Matrix Composite (F2MC) tubes are a new class of high-authority and low-weight fluidic devices that can passively provide vibration damping, absorption, and isolation. In this paper, transverse cantilever beam vibration causes strain-induced fluid pumping in F2MC tubes bonded to the beam surface, generating flow through a fluidic circuit. The F2MC tubes and fluidic circuit are designed to significantly reduce moment and shear transmission at the root of the cantilever beam. An analytical model of a cantilever beam with F2MC tubes is used to perform a parametric study via Monte Carlo methods. An isolator is designed that simultaneously attenuates root shear and moment transmission by over 99% at the first bending mode. By modifying the fluidic circuit dimensions and F2MC tube attachment locations, over 99% root shear and moment transmission attenuation is achieved for the second beam bending mode. The tunability and pumping efficiency of the F2MC tube makes it a promising candidate for passive vibration control applications, including aerospace structures such as wings and rotorcraft landing gear.

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