In this paper, we establish a dynamic model of the hyper-chaotic finance system which is composed of four sub-blocks: production, money, stock and labor force. We use four first-order differential equations to describe the time variations of four state variables which are the interest rate, the investment demand, the price exponent and the average profit margin. The hyper-chaotic finance system has simplified the system of four dimensional autonomous differential equations. According to four dimensional differential equations, numerical simulations are carried out to find the nonlinear dynamics characteristic of the system. From numerical simulation, we obtain the three dimensional phase portraits that show the nonlinear response of the hyper-chaotic finance system. From the results of numerical simulation, it is found that there exist periodic motions and chaotic motions under specific conditions. In addition, it is observed that the parameter of the saving has significant influence on the nonlinear dynamical behavior of the four dimensional autonomous hyper-chaotic system.

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