Fluidic flexible matrix composite (F2MC) tubes can add damping to and absorb vibrations from a host structure. Transverse structural vibration couples with F2MC tube strain to pump fluid through an external circuit that can be tailored to provide vibration damping and/or absorption. In this paper, an F2MC-cantilever system, consisting of two F2MC tubes attached to a uniform cantilever beam, is designed, fabricated, and experimentally tested. The F2MC tubes are connected in parallel to one of two fluidic circuits. The first circuit uses an orifice to dissipate energy, reducing the first mode resonant response by over 20 dB and providing 5% damping. The second circuit uses an inertia track and an accumulator to produce a tuned absorber that replaces the first mode resonance peak with a valley, reducing the resonant response by 27 dB.

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