Nano particle deposition system (NPDS) had been developed for the creation of micro/nano structures with multimaterials in order to develop the micro/nano devices on the basis of specific localized surface on the multilayer. However, micro structures fabricated by NPDS show different mechanical properties when it compared to bulk material because of its porous and uneven deposition structure. To achieve reasonable mechanical properties of the structure fabricated by nanoscale 3D printing system, it requires in-situ mechanical property test method. Herein, a new approach for in-situ nanomechanical characterization system using microforce sensor and nanomanipulator installed in focused ion beam system. In this research, experimental setup for mechanical characterization was developed and mechanical property test was done in Focused Ion Beam (FIB) system. The specimen was fabricated by FIB milling process, then manipulation and compression processes are operated by this characterization system with real time imaging. The test was done for silver microstructures fabricated by NPDS and results show weaker hardness and smaller young’s modulus than bulk material.

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