The paper investigates the non-linear dynamic response of an unbalanced rotor supported on ball bearings with outer race waviness. The excitation is due to unbalanced force and waviness on outer race. The sources of non-linearities are both the radial clearance as well as the Hertzian contact between races and rolling elements. The nonlinear responses due to unbalanced rotor supported on bearings are investigated. The combined effects like non-linear stiffness and non-linear damping for unbalanced rotor with bearing waviness have been considered and analyzed in detail for a rotor bearing system. In the mathematical formulation, the contacts between the rolling elements and the races are considered as an oscillating spring-mass-damper system. The appearance of regions of periodic, sub-harmonic and chaotic behavior is seen to be strongly dependent on the number of waves in the outer race. The results show the appearance of instability and chaos in the dynamic response as the number of waves in the outer race is changed. The study indicates that the interaction of ball passage frequency (ωbp) due to outer race waviness and rotational frequency (X) due to the unbalanced rotor force. Poincaré maps and frequency responses are used to elucidate and to illustrate the diversity of the system behavior.

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