HELVIS (Hybrid Electric Vehicle In Low Scale) is a mini-HEV platform used on the research of HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles), through which students of all degrees have the opportunity to be introduced to the universe that surrounds HEVs in many aspects. In this work the HELVIS-Sim is presented. HELVIS-Sim is a full dynamic & kinematic vehicular simulator for the HELVIS platform, consisting of a Simulink™ environment through which the states of a large number of variables related to the vehicle can be observed and analyzed. Specially in this paper, the focus is in the control of HELVIS EDS (Electronic Differential System), presenting classic, A.I.-based (Artificial Intelligence) and optimal robust controllers in the problem of the adjustment of the rear angular speeds. HELVIS-Sim results are then compared to experimental data obtained from the real HELVIS EDS, with the aid of a dSpace™ real time interface board.

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