One of the primordial aspects of the integrated product service paradigm is efficient flow and sharing of information between the stakeholders during the entire life of a product. This paper presents an improved understanding of the nature of the product in-use information required by aircraft design engineers. The findings are based on a vast survey which expands on a previous qualitative study reported in the literature. The results presented here are therefore a much needed quantitative measure of the in-service information requirements at the aircraft design stage. The survey has helped the authors to depict a system of in-service information feedback to designers which can be qualified as informal in nature, producing inefficient or frustrating results. Indeed, the feedback process is established mainly through personal contacts and does not necessarily ensure that appropriate, complete information is systematically available in a timely manner for designers. On the bright side, the responses from the participants consolidate the belief that the required information does exist within heterogeneous databases and that designers recognize the importance of in-service information to their work. A formalized in-service information feedback process is therefore seen as one of the strategic mechanisms that needs to be implemented to ensure proper product development and service integration.

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