In this paper, we investigate theoretically and experimentally the static and dynamic behaviors of electrostatically actuated clamped-clamped micromachined arches when excited by a DC load superimposed to an AC harmonic load. A Galerkin based reduced-order model is used to discretize the distributed-parameter model of the considered shallow arch. The natural frequencies of the arch are calculated for various values of DC voltages and initial rises of the arch. The forced vibration response of the arch to a combined DC and AC harmonic load is determined when excited near its fundamental natural frequency. For small DC and AC loads, a perturbation technique (the method of multiple scales) is also used. For large DC and AC, the reduced-order model equations are integrated numerically with time to get the arch dynamic response. The results show various nonlinear scenarios of transitions to snap-through and dynamic pull-in. The effect of rise is shown to have significant effect on the dynamical behavior of the MEMS arch. Experimental work is conducted to test polysilicon curved microbeam when excited by DC and AC loads. Experimental results on primary resonance and dynamic pull-in are shown and compared with the theoretical results.

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