The current research proposes an integrated framework for product design that incorporates simulation-based tools into the early design stage to achieve optimum multi-scale systems. The method to determine the appropriate mesostructure-property relations for the internal material structures of the system is through a topology optimization technique and a multi-scale design process. Specifically, the Reliability-based Topology Optimization (RBTO) and the simulation-based multi-attribute design method are integrated into an Inductive Design Exploration Method (IDEM). The RBTO method is contributed to determine of optimal topologies at the meso-scale. The simulation-based multi-attribute design method is considered for decision support process of the macro-scale systems. The IDEM offers the capability for concurrent design on multiple scales providing an approach for integration of the other two methods. An example of the developed multi-scale design framework is presented in terms of a hydrogen storage tank used in hydrogen fuel cell automotive applications. The multi-scale tank design will feature a high strength mesostructured wall resulting in a large weight reduction.

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