The developing new products of high quality, low unit cost, and shortening lead time to markets are the key elements required for enterprises to obtain competitive advantages. In order to improve the creativity and shorten lead time to markets, a methodology of automatic virtual entity simulation of conceptual design results is proposed. At the end of conceptual design, the conceptual design results are expressed in the symbolic schemes generated by the computerized approach with a higher capability to obtain the innovative conceptual design. Then, the symbolic scheme is identified into basic mechanisms and their connections. To the identified basic mechanisms, their kinematic analysis is carried out by matching basic Barranov trusses, and their virtual entities are modeled based on feature-based technique and encapsulated as one design object. Based on the structures of the basic mechanisms and their connections, a space layout to the mechanical system corresponding to the symbolic scheme is fulfilled then. With the pre-assembly approach, all parts in the mechanical system are put onto proper positions where the constraint equations are met. In this way, the virtual entity assembly model of the mechanical system corresponding to the symbolic scheme is set up. Changing the positions of the driving links continually, the virtual entity simulation of the mechanical system will be fulfilled. As a result, with the aid of this approach, we can not only obtain innovative conceptual design results with excellent performances, but also shorten the design time and the cost of product developments.

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