The emergence of electro-active materials such as piezoelectric ones allows recently to think back actuating and sensing functions thanks to new principles of electromechanically conversion of energy. The interesting properties of these materials lead up to considering the generalization of their use in various applications such as automobile, aeronautics or machining. However this enthusiasm quickly goes away when a common engineer has to be confronted to the quasi absence of ready-to-be-used models of devices made of these materials [14]. This comes from the fact that piezoelectricity still remains the mind of the experts of materials. This is why in this paper we aim to formalize and wittingly simplify existing approaches of modeling piezo-actuators. Our goal is to make available to all a method of constituting at least a basic library of piezo-actuators models. This set of models is intended and designed to be completed by more deepen models integrating several aspects neglected in basic models.

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