Electrical modeling and vibration control analysis of piezoelectric structronic systems are of great significance in design of new smart structures. However, studies of electrical modeling of piezoelectric structronic plate systems by using voltage signals to evaluate real-time dynamic displacements are scarce in open literatures. An equivalent circuit model is presented to simulate the piezoelectric structronic plate/sensor/actuator system with simply supported boundary conditions, so that the actual physical model could be replaced by a single circuit chip in the future. By means of the finite difference (FD) discretization method, the higher order dynamic partial differential equations (PDE) of plate’s structure/sensor signal/control system are transformed to finite difference equations and further represented by electronic components. Electrical simulation model of the piezoelectric structronic plate systems based on finite difference discretization is established. Meanwhile, an equivalent circuit design program is proposed. Control characteristics of the structronic plate model are analyzed and the control effects are compatible with the results of the numerical model in relevant references. Thus, numerical simulation result presented in this paper can provide a reference for the further research of electrical modeling of more complex piezoelectric structronic plate systems.

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