A 6DOF Stewart platform using piezoelectric actuators for nanoscale positioning objective is designed. A measurement method that can directly measure the pose (position and orientation) of the end-effector is developed so that task-space on-line control is practicable. The design of a sensor holder for sensor employment, a cuboid with referenced measure points, and the computation method for obtaining the end-effector parameters is introduced. A control scheme combining feedforward and feedback is proposed. The inverse model of a hysteresis model derived by using a dynamic Preisach method is used for the feedforward control. Hybrid control to maintain both the positioning and force output for nano-cutting and nano-assembly applications is designed for the feedback controller. The optimal gain of the feedback controller is searched by using relay feedback test method and genetic algorithm. In experiment, conditions with/without external load employed with feedforward, feedback, and feedforward with feedback control schemes respectively are carried out. Performance of each control scheme verifies the capability of achieving nanoscale precision. The combined feedforward and feedback control scheme is superior to the others for gaining better precision.

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