The utilization of a platform strategy has become a competitive priority in many industries, most notably in the automotive industry. Naturally, many firms in other industries are adopting this strategy with different modifications and degrees of implementation. However, little research covers the application of platform development in a supplier and/or small batch production environment. The adaptation of a platform strategy in these settings, by a supplier in the aircraft engine industry, is the focal point of this paper. Based on platform development literature and the characteristics of the aircraft engine industry and the company studied advantages and hindrances for platform strategies have been ruled out. Interviews with involved people within the company studied have further clarified different perspectives on platforms and their possible utilization. Based on the analysis of collected information it is proposed that a possible platform strategy would include: a technology platform, incorporating general knowledge on core technology assets embodied in either humans, organizations, processes, information or methods; and a product platform, incorporating product specific elements that could be re-used when developing new components for a particular product line.

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