This paper presents a novel indirect matching approach between the function layer and the form layer to enhance the capability for the FBS method to obtain the creative conceptual design results. Firstly, the basic operation actions set, which is composed of the basic operation actions obtained by decomposing each function in the lowest level of the function decomposition tree in the FBS model into the sub-functions, in the function layer is regrouped dynamically. This behavior regroup process has introduced the new design variables into the conceptual design process and leads the behavior creativity to produce. On the other hand, considering the multi-functions for each basic structure to have and representing these functions with the basic operation actions, then the basic operation actions set in the form layer is set up. Dynamic regrouping this set in the form layer, the new design variables has been introduced into the conceptual design process, and leads the form creativity to produce. Through the above behavior-form double directions creative process, the solution scope of the conceptual design is enlarged obviously. Therefore, the method present in this paper has enough capability to obtain the creative conceptual results. Furthermore, the model presented in this paper is represented with the quotient space mathematically. The case study has shown that in the function layer, through adjusting the attribute function, which determines the partition grain of the basic operation actions set in the function layer or in the form layer, the new behaviors can be generated.

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