This paper has presented two constructive solutions of rational using of frontal rigid gear couplings with spherical gear in circle arc type Gleason, knowing as curved frontal gear coupling, on small dimensions, ones for simple direct dividing and second for simple differential dividing, and geometrical development possibility of new family of frontal coupling and small size. The frontal gear coupling type Gleason are formed from two rings, one with concave gear and other with convex gear, being characterized by great twist moments of capacity transmission, realizing a precision angular position, fast central connection and assuring of optimal conditions for manufacturing of mass production and low cost. One new application of small frontal gear couplings was external diameter of O̸100mm and O̸120mm, assured a higher accuracy of angular location of ±2 and a great carrying capacity for couplings by using of compound rest of lathe with ultra precision location. A second application has presented a new landing of simple direct and differential dividing using one or more pair of Gleason’s gear coupling due to construction of new indexing tables with ultra precision in metal cutting.

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