Partial rotor rub occurs when an obstacle on the Stator of a rotating machinery disturbs the free whirling motion of a rotor, which is more common than full annular rub for the cases of rubbing in rotating machinery. The nonlinearity due to the intermittent contacts and friction during partial rotor rub makes the phenomenon complex. The several nonlinear phenomena of superharmonics, subharmonics, and jump phenomenon are demonstrated for the partial rub using an experimental apparatus in this study. The forward or backward components in its orbit patterns are calculated using the directional spectrum for the experimental results and are demonstrated by numerical simulations. A piecewise-linear model and a rebound model using the coefficient of restitution are investigated on the basis of experimental observations in order to adopt an analytical model of the contact between the rotor and stator during whirling motion. The contact stiffness, coefficient of restitution, and friction coefficient for the contact during partial rub are calculated from the comparison between the numerical simulation and the experimental results. Also, the numerical simulations for the model of partial rub are done for the various system parameters of clearance, contact stiffness, and friction coefficient in order to find the nonlinear behavior of partial rotor rub.

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