By the method (Wu, 2001) developed by authors for singularity analyzing of the bifurcation of the periodic solutions in nonlinear dynamical systems with clearance, the bifurcation patterns of non-impact-rub response and a method for predicting rub-impact are given. It is shown that there are much more types of bifurcation patterns when the clearance constraint is take into account. Given their physical meanings of the parameters in practical rotor systems, the resonant periodic solutions of rotor systems consist of 11 different types of bifurcation patterns among of which the following four types are more likely to appear, (1) patterns without impact and jump, (2) jump patterns without impact, (3) impact pattern without jump and (4) patterns with impact and jump. Based on these results, parameter conditions for rub-impact phenomena are derived. These conditions can give more direct guidance to the design of rotor systems. The method proposed here can be used to predict rub-impact phenomena in more complicated rotor systems.

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