The product development process management for concurrent engineering (CE) is the emerging technology to reduce the time to market for new product. The product development environment for CE is remarkably characterized by the heterogeneity and distribution. So, it is highly important to build a robust, object-oriented information infrastructure to allow the interoperability between the distributed application systems for realizing system integration of product development process management for CE (CEPDPM). CORBA provides the best technical solution for building such an infrastructure.

In this paper, a CORBA based architecture of CEPDPMS integration is described. Herein, a set of interoperable objects includes process management, product data management, and resource management, organization management systems and some design tools. How these objects are encapsulated into CORB A/ORB bus and provided as shared services is detailed by analyzing their granularity wrapped and defining their interfaces in DDL. A prototype implementation of CEPDPMS is outlined.

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