This project addresses the need to train CAD users on proper modeling methodology. New CAD software empowers designers with the flexibility of parametric or variational design. These feature-based parametric modeling packages allow modification of a solid model by changing its dimensional parameters; however, incorrect modeling methodology may cause failure in the design stage. Failures occur when modified dimensions cause a conflict within the geometry of the model. An option being used is to train designers on capturing the Design Intent of a system through proven techniques in the modeling process. This training is based on interactive computer sessions that guide the designer and allow him/her to explore what-if scenarios. This project sought to identify proven techniques in the modeling process for capturing the Design Intent of mechanical systems. The familiar components of a bicycle provided a basis for exploration. Pro/Enginner™ software was used in this study. Nine lessons were created and tested by professionals. Beta testing was conducted at Steelcase-Chair Division with positive feedback from novice and advanced CAD users.

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