Compliant members in flexible link mechanisms undergo large deflections when subjected to external loads for which, traditional methods of deflection analysis do not apply Nonlinearities introduced by these large deflections make the system comprising such members difficult to solve Parametric deflection approximations are then deemed helpful in the analysis and synthesis of compliant mechanisms This is accomplished by seeking the pseudo-rigid-body model representation of the compliant mechanism A wealth of analysis and synthesis techniques available for rigid-body mechanisms thus become amenable to the design of compliant mechanisms In this paper, a pseudo-rigid-body model is developed and solved for the tip deflection of flexible beams for combined end loads with positive end moments A numerical integration technique using quadrature formulae has been employed to solve the nonlinear Bernoulli-Euler beam equation for the tip deflection Implementation of this scheme is relatively simpler than the elliptic integral formulation and provides nearly accurate results Results of the numerical integration scheme are compared with the beam finite element analysis An example for the synthesis of a compliant mechanism using the proposed model is also presented.

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