The objective of this study was to develop new solutions for linear elastic buckling coefficients of rectangular flat plates with support conditions not previously found in the literature. Critical buckling coefficients were found for rectangular flat plates subjected to uniform compression on two opposite edges with one partially supported unloaded edge using the finite element method. Plates with different aspect ratios and with varying support length on the unloaded edges were analyzed. Currently, no solutions are available in the literature for plates subjected to uniform compression and with partially supported unloaded edges. The method developed in this work was verified on problems where closed form mathematical solutions exist.

An engineer will be able to use the solutions developed in this work in the design of components that are susceptible to instability failures.

Another benefit of this work is to demonstrate to practicing engineers that reliable instability results can be obtained by using standard finite element analysis (FEA) methods. This work considers a small subset of instability problems but the FEA method utilized herein can be effectively used to model a large class of practical instability problems.

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