We propose a new control system design strategy that is called “frequency-shaped optimal tracking control method” in this paper. We make sure that the proposed method is very useful by creating the quasi-dynamic walk of a quadruped locomotion robot. During control of the locomotion robot, high feedback (FB) gains should be selected to work against the force and the moment from the body and the reaction force from the ground. However, if high FB gains are used, high frequency vibration comes out because of the backlash of the gear. Frequency-shaped optimal control is the control method to improve the robustness against the disturbance like high frequency vibration. Frequency-shaped optimal tracking control extends the frequency-shaped optimal control to the servo system like the trajectory following control of the robot. First, we’ll show the design scheme of the frequency-shaped optimal tracking control. Next, we’ll show how decentralized control is realized in order to apply frequency-shaped optimal tracking control. Finally, we’ll compare the frequency-shaped optimal tracking control with the optimal tracking control from the points of view of the simulations and the experiments.

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