This paper reviews recent implementation advances and modifications in the continued development of a Concurrent Subspace Optimization (CSSO) algorithm for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO). The CSSO-MDO algorithm implemented in this research incorporates a Coordination Procedure of System Approximation (CP-SA) for design updates. Implementation studies detail the use of a new discipline based decomposition strategy which provides for design variable sharing across discipline design regimes (i.e., subspaces). The algorithm is implemented in a distributed computing environment, providing for concurrent discipline design. Implementation studies introduce a new multidisciplinary design test problem, the optimal design of a high performance, low cost structural system. A graphical user interface is developed which provides for menu driven execution and results display; this new programming environment highlights the modularity of the algorithm. Significant time savings are observed when using distributed computing for concurrent design across disciplines. The use of design variable sharing across disciplines does not introduce any difficulties in implementation as the design update in the CSSO-MDO algorithm is generated in the coordination procedure of system approximation (CP-SA).

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