Up to now little has been reported on the cutting noise in metal-cutting machine tools at home and abroad. Based on the research results available, tests on the cutting noise have been performed on three power lathes and a type Mx-4 crankshaft connecting rod neck lathe. The cutter material is hard alloy YT6x, workpiece material is nodular cast iron QT60-2, the cutting mode is broadedge plunge type turning. The influences of the cutter form, cutter angle, cutting speed, and feed on the cutting noise have been investigated using the test results. It is pointed out that the machine tool dynamic characteristics are one of the primary factors that influence the cutting noise, that there is a correlation between the cutting noise and cutting force and that the main spectral peak frequency of the cutting noise is close to the first-order modal frequency of the workpiece system. The importance of the two new discoveries lies in that a breach has been found for investigations on cutting noise dynamics.

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