The rapid prototyping of fuzzy logic controllers is accomplished by using the tools Matlab, Simulink, Fuzzy Logic Toolkit, and Real-Time Workshop. Device drivers were developed for Simulink for interfacing with DT2801 and DT2821 data acquisition boards. The fuzzy logic inference engine for the Fuzzy Logic Toolkit was modified to allow the systems to work as independent programs and to be downloadable to DSP (Digital Signal Processing) boards. Simulink is used to graphically implement fuzzy logic controllers. The Real-Time Workshop is used to compile blocks from Simulink into C code, then into an independent executable program, both on the PC and a dSpace DSP (Digital Signal Processing) board. Graphical interfaces are created and debugged by using dSPACE’s tools, Cockpit and Trace. By combining these tools, real-time fuzzy logic controllers are developed in laboratory environments.

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