Within the Integrated Design And Manufacturing Environment (IMADE), operation planning provides a mapping from geometric design primitives to machining operation sequences for manufacturing processes. Operation planning includes tool selection, machining parameter selection, and tool path generation. An object oriented approach to program structure is adopted, whereby features, operations and tools, inherit behaviors and attributes from the appropriate class-hierarchies for the part, the manufacturing operations, and tooling classes. A detailed example is presented illustrating the operation planning search algorithm. Scripts are generated by the individual machining operations for execution on a machine tool. Tooling information is maintained in an object-oriented database through the FAR libraries for Common LISP. Examples of particular process plans show that the inherent trade-offs between specified precision and machining time can be investigated. An Open Architecture Machine Tool (MOSAIC-PM) has been used to machine the parts created by the feature based design and planning system. The novel contributions of this paper relate to the demonstration of “seamless” links between, a) design, b) planning, and c) actual fabrication by milling.

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