A set of computer programs written in QuickBASIC language has been developed as an instructional aid for the Mechanics of Materials course. It consists of 9 programs and over 50 supporting subprograms. Starting with the span and loading inputs, this software computes the support reactions and displays the diagrams of distributed loads, shearing force, bending moments, slope, and deflection distributions. Disk files are created to save the input and computed data and also the resulting displays for quick retrieval during any phase of the flexural analysis. Various shapes of cursors are created on screen for the user to select any menu involved in the analysis and/or a desired section of the beam for computation of the principal and maximum shearing stresses, for which Mohr’s circle display is also an optional feature. All operations are interactive and menu-driven, and provided with many helpful prompting messages to assist the user to specify the next request.

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