In recent years, walking robot research has become an important robotic research topic because walking robots possess mobility, as oppose to stationary robots. However, current walking robot research has only concentrated on even numbered legged robots. Walking robots with odd numbered legs are still lack of attention. This paper presents the study on an odd numbered legged (three-legged) walking robot — Tribot. The feasibility of three-legged walking is first investigated using computer simulation based on a scaled down tribot model. The computer display of motion simulation shows that a walking robot with three legs is feasible with a periodic gait. During the course of the feasibility study, the general design of the three-legged robot is also analyzed for various weights, weight distributions, and link lengths. In addition, the optimized design parameters and limitations are found for certain knee arrangements. These design considerations and feasibility study using computer display can serve as a general guideline for designing odd numbered legged robots.

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