An experiment has recently been performed at Xi’an Jiaotong University to study the wall temperature and pressure drop at supercritical pressures with upward flow of water inside a 2×2 rod bundle. A fuel-assembly simulator with four heated rods was installed inside a square channel with rounded corner. The outer diameter of each heated rod is 8 mm with an effective heated length of 600 mm. Experimental parameters covered the pressure of 23–28 MPa, mass flux of 350–1000 kg/m2s and heat flux on the rod surface of 200–1000 kW/m2. According to the experimental data, it was found that the circumferential wall temperature distribution of a heated rod is not uniform. The temperature difference between the maximum and the minimum varies with heat flux and/or mass flux. Heat transfer characteristics of supercritical water in bundle were discussed with respect to various heat fluxes. The effect of heat flux on heat transfer in rod bundles is similar with that in tubes or annuli. In addition, flow resistance reflected in the form of pressure loss has also been studied. Experimental results showed that the total pressure drop increases with bulk enthalpy and mass flux. Four heat transfer correlations developed for supercritical pressures water were compared with the present test data. Predictions of Jackson correlation agrees closely with the experimental data.

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