COSINE (COre and System INtegrated Engine for design and analysis) is the software platform for nuclear power plant design and analysis being developed in China, which contains three thermal-hydraulics codes and three physics codes in the first phase of this project. Three thermal-hydraulics codes in COSINE are sub-channel code, system analysis code, and containment analysis code. Separate experiments data and integral experiments data are needed to validate the models and analyze the uncertainty of these codes. Some data are obtained from international database and organizers. At the same time, an experiment plan has been made by SNPSDC to meet the COSINE thermal-hydraulics codes validation requirements. In the 1st phase of this plan, eight separate effects facilities are being constructed to get some valuable data from January 2011 to December 2014, and the test contents has been programmed. The facilities, contents and the schedules of the tests of COSINE validation experiment plan-I are detailed in this paper.

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