Prestressed reinforced concrete containment is an important part among the safety-related buildings, and the presressing technology is widely used in containment construction which is best suited to the cylindrical-type containment topped by a dome. It has been recognized that traditional methods for analysis of containment prestressing system have been unable to satisfy more accurate design, research and monitoring requirements. Prestressing tendons are placed complexly in containment structure, especially near the major equipment hatch area, which is the three-dimensional curve and the friction loss must be considered. Firstly, containment structure and the distribution of prestresseing system are introduced briefly. Furthermore, the calculating process of prestressing tendons losses is put forward in details which take the major equipment hatch as an example. Solid65 element and constitutive model of concrete in ANSYS are introduced in details, and the characteristic of simulating prestressing tendons in ANSYS is analyzed.

Based above study, finite element model of the prestressed structure is built based on some concrete containment by using ANSYS program, the prestressing effect on concrete containment is put forward. The numerical results show that most of the design pressure is beared by the prestressing system under the design-basis pressure condition, and the simulation method is effective with a high accuracy which agrees well with stress tests performed on-site in some operating NPPs such as LINGAO PHASE II.

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