The control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) is installed on the CRDM socket in reactor pressure vessel (RPV). Directed by Rod Control and Rod Position Indicating System (RGL), CRDM can impel the control rods move up and down in the nuclear reactor core, which implements the functions of reactor start-up, power regulation, power maintaining, normal reactor shutdown and abnormal (accident) shutdown.

CRDM was developed by China Nuclear Power Research Institute (CNPRI). Several design improvements were conducted to solve the problems appeared in the operation of nuclear power station. Test bench was also set up and cold tests were carried out to investigate the characteristics of CRDM. The cold tests included lifting experiment, inserting experiment, rod drop experiment. And studies were carried out to analyze the signals of lifting coil, moving coil, stationary coil and the vibration signals. The test results show that the design of CRDM is reasonable and the operation is reliable.

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