Bioparticles such as mammalian cells and bacteria can be manipulated directly or indirectly for multiple applications such as sample preparation for diagnostic applications mainly up-concentration, enrichment & separation as well as immunoassay development. There are various active and passive microfluidic particle manipulation techniques where Acoustophoresis is a powerful technique showing high cell viability. The use of disposable glass capillaries for acoustophoresis, instead of cleanroom fabricated glass-silicon chip can potentially bring down the cost factor substantially, aiding the realization of this technique for real-world diagnostic devices. Unlike available chips and capillary-based microfluidic devices, we report milliliter-scale platform able to accommodate 1ml of a sample for acoustophoresis based processing on a market available glass capillary. Although it is presented as a generic platform but as a demonstration we have shown that polystyrene suspending medium sample can be processed with trapping efficiency of 87% and the up-concentration factor of 10 times in a flow through manner i.e., at 35μl/min. For stationary volume accommodation, this platform practically offers 50 times more sample handling capacity than most of the microfluidic setups. Furthermore, we have also shown that with diluted blood (0.6%) in a flow-through manner, 82% of the white blood cells (WBCs) per ml could be kept trapped. This milliliter platform could potentially be utilized for assisting in sample preparation, plasma separation as well as a flow-through immunoassay assay development for clinical diagnostic applications.

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