It is important to study contact angle of a liquid on a solid surface to understand its wetting properties, capillarity and surface interaction energy. While performing transient molecular dynamics (MD) simulations it requires calculating the time evolution of contact angle. This is a tedious effort to do manually or with image processing algorithms. In this work we propose a new algorithm to estimate contact angle from MD simulations directly and in a computationally efficient way. This algorithm segregates the droplet molecules from the vapor molecules using Mahalanobis distance (MND) technique. Then the density is smeared onto a 2D grid using 4th order B-spline interpolation function. The vapor liquid interface data is estimated from the grid using density filtering. With the interface data a circle is fitted using Landau method. The equation of this circle is solved for obtaining the contact angle. This procedure is repeated by rotating the droplet about the vertical axis. We have applied this algorithm to a number of studies (different potentials and thermostat methods) which involves the MD simulation of water.

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