Nowadays, fluid flow in a microchannel has emerged as an important area of research. This has been motivated by their various applications such as medical and biomedical use, computer chips, and chemical separations. Usually, electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is visualized, into a cross-sectional image representing the distribution of density. EIT is recently developed imaging technique, with which images of the conductivity or permittivity of the subject can be rapidly collected with channels of external electrodes. Therefore, we considered application of EIT to the microchannels. In this paper, we develop the EIT for microchannel nano particles concentration in microchannel with 60 multi-layer electrodes and measured using cross-sectional impedance measurement technique. Based on the reconstructed image using the EIT system and analytical calculation using Maxwell equation, we discuss the initial concentration condition effect and the stream transitional migration to estimate particle migration behaviors in the fluid flow. The measured results shows up to 24% particles moved from upstream to downstream cross-section, where the particles move away from center streamlines to near wall vicinity area and the number of the particles migration towards wall vicinity area is clearly increased near the outlet area. The stream transitional particle migration due to inertia lift forces is investigated with the effect of the initial particle concentration.

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