With the help of a high-speed camera (30000 Frames/second) and a wide-field stereo-microscope, the effects of mechanical vibration on the meniscus film and triple-phase contact line in rectangular microgrooves were experimentally investigated. Distilled water was used as working liquid. The images of the oscillated meniscus film in an oscillation period were captured through the high speed camera and they were analyzed using a MATLAB program. The results show that as the vibration table moves upward, the length of contact line increases; as the vibration table moves downward, the length of contact-line decreases. During the oscillation, the axial liquid film spreads upward further along the microgrooves and the deformation of the contact line becomes more obvious. The increase of the triple-phase contact line length caused by the external mechanical vibration is helpful for contact line heat transfer enhancement. Besides, deformation curve of the contact line with and without heat input under different vibration conditions is similar, while the contact line with heat input is shorter.

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