Presented in this paper is a cam motion program suitable for single-dwell cam-follower systems with built-in clearance between the cam and follower during the dwell portion of the cycle. This makes the motion program particularly well-suited to applications such as valve trains in internal combustion engines in which cam-follower clearance is necessary to ensure proper seating of a poppet valve, preventing gas leakage across the seal. The motion program for the cam follower is derived from the follower acceleration function so that designers can control the ratio of the magnitudes of positive and negative accelerations. This provides cam designers more control over the cam-follower interface force and therefore more control over factors such as cam wear and the potentially destructive phenomenon known as “follower jump.” Included in the motion program is asymmetric rise and fall that allows different times for these events. The follower acceleration is designed to be smooth enough to provide continuous jerk throughout the actuation phase, thereby tending to reduce undesirable residual vibrations. The motion program used to close and open the clearance gap is derived from a velocity function, allowing more control of follower inertia during the important clearance closing event. The motion program is presented in a form appropriate for implementation in standard engineering equation-solving software, giving the cam designer easy control over important parameters in high-speed cam-follower systems.

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