A evaluation of the conduction heat loss over their cover for four different solar cookers box-type (1. Square solar cooker with inner reflectors placed in right angles, 2. Square solar cooker with inner reflector placed in different angles, 3. Rectangular solar cooker with inner reflectors placed in different angles and 4. Octagonal solar cooker with inner reflectors placed in right angles) is presented. In the heating process in a solar cooker box-type, the conduction heat loss in their cover is the most important in comparative with convection and radiation losses. The cover in solar cookers is made with clear glasses, which allows the inlet solar radiation inside of it. When the heating process happen, the temperature in the cover glasses is important and is important for this part. To evaluate the magnitude for the heat loss, controlled tests were planned, where a solar radiation simulator was used as energy source over the solar cookers considered. In the experiments, thermocouples to determine the gradient temperature for thickness among glasses were placed. In this activity, a Compact Field and LabView software were used. Also, in the experimental tests, thermographic imagines for some instants during the heating process were taken. According results, the conduction heat losses are bigger than 25 % of the inlet energy Flux in the cookers. The biggest values for temperature on the glasses correspond to the solar cooker 3, while minimum values are obtained for the solar cooker 1. The solar cooker 1 present the biggest conduction heat losses and the cooker 4, has the minimum values for the losses. Results of this work can be useful and important for design proposes which could impacts on save of money and cooking time.

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