A gas turbine is a reliable type of rotating equipment, utilized in various applications. It is well known in power generation and aviation. In the oil and gas industry, gas turbines are utilized in locations with limited electrical power or a high power driven load requirement, such as offshore or a high-rated power 20MW compressor.

Five gas turbines are used as mechanical drive equipment. After a few years of operation, the gas turbines were experiencing high operating temperatures in bearings, turbine compartments, high spread temperature, and the presence of smoke in the exhaust. During a major overhaul of the turbines, oil was found to have accumulated internally in the wrapper casing, along with damage to several internal combustion components. In one case, the exhaust casing experienced severe damage with deformation. This paper presents a case study of a gas turbine failure and its contributors. The paper explains the mitigated solution to overcome the challenges related to the gas turbine operation, maintenance, and machine design.

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