Preliminary design and feasibility investigation of a 2-MW wind turbine for offshore wind farm operation are presented in this study. A region in the North Sea, to the west of the West Frisian Islands offshore of Dutch coast is selected as a potential wind farm site due to its high availability of wind resources. Based on the wind data of the selected site and operating requirements of the wind farm, preliminary sizing and conceptual design of wind turbine rotor blades are carried out. Performance of the rotor design is first assessed by classical blade element-momentum theory, followed by state-of-the-art commercial CFD software. Economics and feasibility analysis of this wind turbine operating in an offshore wind farm setting is conducted using DOE/NREL scaling cost model. The feasibility investigation results reveal that the cost of energy (COE) for operating the current wind turbine design at the selected wind farm site is considerably lower than the average COE in the Netherlands, indicating high potential of commercially making profits. Environmental impact studies have also been done.

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