In the present article, the dynamic behaviour of the delaminated composite plate subjected to blast loading has been investigated. For the investigation, a general finite element model using higher-order mid-plane kinematics has been developed. The model has been discretised using nine noded isoparametric Lagrangian elements having nine degrees of freedom at each node. The continuity in the laminated and delaminated section has been established using the intermittent continuity condition. The final governing equation has been solved by applying Newmark’s time integration scheme in conjunction with finite element steps. Further, the said responses have been evaluated by developing an in-house MATLAB code based on the proposed model. In order to illustrate the consistency and accuracy of the present model, convergence and comparison study has been conducted i.e. the responses are evaluated for different mesh sizes and compared them with those of responses of earlier published literature. Finally, various examples have been solved to illustrate the influence of the size and position of debonding, side to thickness ratio, aspect ratio and end condition on the dynamic response of composite structure and discussed in detail.

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