The continual increase in both efficiency and specific power of power plants determines the complexity of power generation units. Therefore, thermodynamic calculations with a high degree of accuracy and flexibility are required.

This paper describes a highly flexible computerized method of calculating thermodynamics in a power cycle. The computerized method analyzed here permits the study of steam, gas and combined plants. Its flexibility is not restricted by any defined cycle scheme.

A power plant consists of simple elements (turbine, compressor, combustor chamber, pump, etc.). Each power plant component is represented by its typical equations relating to fundamental mechanical and thermodynamic laws, so a power plant system is represented by algebraic equations, which are the typical equations of components, continuity equations, and data concerning plant conditions. This equation system is not linear, but can be reduced to a linear equation system with variable coefficients. The solution is determined by an iterative process.

An example of a simple gas turbine cycle demonstrates the applied technique. This paper also presents the user interface based on MS-Windows.

The input data, the results, and any characteristic parameters of a complex cycle scheme are also shown.

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